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Email Setup & Configuring WebMail

You can log into any web browser to access your domain specific email box.

Log in to Webmail by adding /webmail to the end of your website url. i.e. https://www.yourdomain.com/webmail.

Simply enter your email address and password.


Once you log in, you will see your email address in the upper right corner on the blue bar.  Click on the arrow to see a menu where you can configure your email program/client (on your phone or desktop/laptop…)

configure email menu

To access your email directly in the web browser, click on the email software to access your mailbox.

Set Up Email on a Device

You also see an option to configure an email client. Click this to set up your email account on your phone, or email program (Like Outlook for example.) You can set this up automatically if you use a email program in this list, or manual settings are shown below.

Important: To avoid hitting your account storage quota, do NOT leave email on the server. This will keep a copy of your email in your mailbox when you download it, but will not keep the original on the mail server.
Depending on the email program you use, it will vary how this is worded. There should be a checkbox to leave it on the server or not when you are setting up the mailbox on your device.