Voila Web Hosting is a small business providing website development, support and web hosting to small businesses.

Why Partner With
Voila Web Hosting?

Years of research have been put into finding the best web hosting services for small businesses.

I have worked on websites on many different web hosting companies. Some have been great to work with, most are not.

I demand quality web hosting services for my business websites. Since my business is web based, my website is my primary source of communicate to the world. If its slow, offline or support takes hours or days to respond, it has a significant effect on the success of my business.

Selfless Reason

Clients often come to me without web hosting (or poor quality services) when hiring me for website development services.

They are looking for advice. They don’t have any idea of what kind of web hosting they need. They have no idea where to begin to look.

I want to help.

Selfish Reason

I want to want to work with a web host that is not going to slow me down doing my job.

I want fast web servers, I want to be able to control how a web server is configured so I can do my job efficiently.

Mostly I want tech support that is fanatical about keeping their customers happy.

Voila Web Hosting is a win win for me and my clients. I get to work on quality web hosting services that won’t slow me down, my clients get quality, fast and secure web hosting services compared to cheap shared hosting.

It’s a No Brainer

From the client perspective, the no brainer to use my services is that all support goes directly through me.  Getting domains set up, websites transferred, secure certificates installed, its all taken care of by me. You never have to speak to a support person to try to communicate something to them that you do not understand. 

If a client hires me for website development services to work on their host, it is my policy that I will not speak to support, send support tickets or correspond in any way with them. I have no connection to the company.  It’s completely frustrating for me to try to explain to “front row” support what an issue is and they have no idea what needs done. It slows me down, in turn costs me time/money.

How is my hosting different?

Web hosting services I provide are on Virtual private servers (VPS) . VPS are an upgrade to shared hosting in terms of number of accounts on a server, quality of hardware, resources available and security.  With a VPS, you have control over how a server is configured, where shared hosting is a restrictive environment based on how the host configures it for all users.

Along high performance servers, you have the added responsibility to manage/maintain the server. My clients do not have the technical knowledge to do this, which rules out buying VPS hosting directly.

Virtual Private Server web hosting, it is not cost effective, or technically feasible for most  small business owners to purchase and manage this type of hosting. By my providing this service, my clients get the huge benefit of high quality, secure and fast web hosting without needing any technical knowledge to set up or maintain their website for not much higher a cost  than shared web hosting. It’s a win-win for you and me.

Don't worry about the technical details

Domain Registration, Website Development, Web Hosting, Website Maintenance, and ongoing support for your small business website.